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Auric Magnetic Healing

What is Auric Magnetic Healing?

Auric / Magnetic Healing is a modality using high vibrational energy through a trained practitioner's hands to facilitate healing of the auric field and physical body. 


It involves first clearing blocks or trauma from the recipient's electromagnetic field. This is achieved by flicking off the negative energy then channelling higher energy with their hands to facilitate a change of the vibrations to a healing mode.

The clearing process is achieved by removing blocks and negative energy situated in different layers of the body and magnetic field. 

First, the blood and lymph’s energy are cleared.  Then the body: bones, muscles, glands, organs. Then the aura is cleared.


All is done successively, in layers. Until the whole body and magnetic field radiates positive energy or is at ease.


Auric Magnetic Healing At Flow

You will be lying comfortably.  To the sound of healing music (using sound frequencies that promote wellness and healing).

Using two hands above your body, one for receiving, the other for scooping energy, I will be moving the energy of each layer starting with the blood energy, then the rest of the body and finally the auric field, done successively, flicking out negative energy. You may feel the movement hovering over your body and hear a flicking sound. You may experience heat, coolness, vibration, colours.  Each experience is unique.

Most clients find the session very relaxing.  You may also feel relieved, emotional, lighter, tired, rejuvenated etc.

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