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Massage Therapist Blenheim

Welcome To Flow Body & Soul

Where Your Wellness Journey Begins

lymphatic drainage Blenheim


Marie-Isabelle Devault
Certified Therapist in Lymphatics, Massage & Reiki

Flow Body and Soul, formally known as Flow Massage & Reiki is a massage clinic owned & operated by

Marie-Isabelle Devault since 2011. 

In 2021, it has been renamed to follow the change in focus of the clinic that has shifted from relaxation and sports massage therapies to specialising in MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage), energy healing therapies (Reiki, Auric Magnetic healing) and foot massage/Reflexology.

The same professional approach and personalised care is still the beating heart of the clinic.

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Improve Your Quality Of Life

I offer a professional, personalised and intuitive approach to healing. 

From Lymphatic massage to energy work, I use and adapt the treatment to your needs. From your body to your soul, feel your energy, health and vitality flow.


Lymphatic Drainage Blenheim

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage is a specialised massage technique using gentle rhythmic pumping actions on the skin following the direction of the lymph flow, to move and evacuate excess fluid and protein from around the cells.

Reiki Blenheim

Energy Healing

Reiki & Auric Magnetic Healing are natural methods of energy healing working at all levels of your being: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Reflexology Blenheim

Foot Massage/Reflexology 

Have you ever looked at your feet and studied them? Reflexology works on the principle that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors an imbalance or congest in a corresponding part of the body. 


Welcome to Flow Body & Soul

I am looking forward to supporting you in your health journey.

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